The story of Landmark starts in 1960 when it was originally founded by Rev. and Mrs. Stephen Eldred as Battle Ground Tabernacle.  Our church today sits on the same property it was founded on over 60 years ago!  The dream of the Eldred’s was that the church would be at the center of the community.  The only problem with that was that in 1960 the property was not even in the city limits.  But, Rev. Eldred was a visionary, not just a dreamer.  God had placed a dream AND a vision in his heart and out of that vision came to be what we know as Landmark Church.  As you can see, we’re pretty close to the center of our city!  Our church has been part of the Battle Ground community for over 60 years because an obedient man said yes to a dream, to a vision!

Fast forward to 1977.  Feeling the call of God on their lives, our current pastors, Pastor Ed and Sherrel Staton, would move from Coos Bay, Oregon to Battle Ground with a car, a trailer, a toddler, and a burden to serve the city of Battle Ground. It was 3 short years later that God would place in their hearts another dream, a vision, really. That vision would be of building a larger facility better equipped to serve the growing community around them. In 1980 that dream started to become reality as they broke ground and began construction on the building you see today.  Through the recession of the 1980’s, amidst a bleak unemployment rate, and after many challenges and countless miracles, God was faithful.  In 1993, after many years of working, dreaming, crying, doubting, trusting, praying, and building, they and their congregation moved, debt-free, into their new building.  The church we call Landmark is, quite literally, a dream turned reality by the grace of God and the obedience of the faithful servants who have gone before us!  What a heritage!

Over the years, it has been our honor to carry on the legacy and vision of our founding pastors, the Eldred’s. We have seen dreams come to pass and have felt new dreams being placed in the heart of God’s people. As a result, we believe that God has placed us here in Battle Ground to serve and help meet the various personal and spiritual needs of this area. The heart of Landmark is best expressed with these words, “We are a place to call home, where everyone is welcome, nobody’s perfect, and anything is possible!”  As we use various kinds of ministry and serve our community with hearts of genuine love and compassion, we hope to impact people, regardless of where they’re at on their spiritual journey, with the hope and healing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.