At Landmark, we want you to know that everyone is welcome.  We do not have formal membership but understand the value of that process. At Landmark Church, our approach to membership focuses on what we call “active attenders.” We understand that life can make consistent attendance difficult for some. Yet, at the same time we encourage faithful church attendance because of the spiritual benefit it has for believers. Therefore, we believe that as you choose to attend Landmark and contribute to the church with your time, talents and resources, you become an active attender. Faithfulness in our time, talents, and resources brings honor to the Lord, encouragement to us individually, and strength to His church corporately. We want you to know that your faithfulness is important.


-We value the principle of being faithful in our attendance.

Our Sunday morning services are the largest events during the week at Landmark and we value being together during these services. Being faithful to this gathering will help us in the ongoing process of becoming “connected” or “tied-in,” which all of us need at some level. We learn of connecting opportunities that are available throughout the week. We pray together and worship together because these are important components to our spiritual growth. Our faithful attendance strengthens us and encourages others.

-We value the principle of being faithful in our giving.

We believe and promote the biblical principle of giving tithes and offerings.  We also believe that we can give more than just money!  To us, this means that we are willing to faithfully give in the areas of our time, talents, and resources as God puts in our hearts to do so.  God has blessed our life with these things and we consider it an honor and privilege to give back to Him a portion of those blessings.  Through our giving, we are obeying the Word of God, helping others, and expanding His Kingdom!

-We value the principle of being faithful to the communities that we influence.

Our community is important to us.  We value our city and see ourselves as a productive and beneficial element in its success.  As a result, you will hear of opportunities that encourage involvement in both the civic community and the church community.  We encourage and actively pursue relationships with other bible-believing churches in our area and pray for their congregations and their leadership, understanding that we are all united as the Body of Christ. It is also our privilege to pray for the leadership of our city, state, and nation. This is scriptural and pleasing to the Lord.

-We value the principle of being faithful to a world-wide calling.

Recognizing the mandate of Jesus Christ to go into all the world and make disciples, we actively support missionary efforts all across the world with our financial and spiritual support. We understand that the cause of Christ is bigger than ourselves and bigger than Landmark. Therefore, we choose to partner with those who have answered the call to serve God in this way. Because of our commitment to missions, we know that our prayers and financial efforts are helping spread the gospel, making disciples all over the world. In this way, we can honestly say, and rejoice in the fact, that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.